A Meeting With The CQC

The below record has taken almost three years to obtain since my meeting with CQC inspectors and contains inaccuracies that I will address.

During the meeting with the CQC, I was not permitted enough time to provide other details and show additional evidence; however, this record alone provides evidence that Herefordshire Council social worker employees, Onside Advocacy & Priory Group staff lied, including to the Court of Protection.

33 Relative Meeting CQC DISCLOSE - Copy_RedactedOPT


The blue folder pictured above contains some of the documents, emails, photos & records I took with me, along with a laptop, to the CQC meeting; and which the inspector viewed. Its contents alone can evidence my council social care staff, and staff of The Priory Group with Onside Advocacy support created false records, including to deceive the Court of Protection.
If they change records again, it will only add to their deceit.

I will consider updating this post with some details of what the CQC recorded both concerningly inaccurately and relatively accurately, however it may become a long post, although  damning for the provider & LA should they produce alternate versions of already provided or discovered records.