The Council Solicitor & Letter Regarding Human Rights

In 2016 Herefordshire Council sent me a letter accusing me of breaching my family’s Human Rights if I disagreed with theirs and The Priory Group demands on how we maintained our private & family life.
On reading the letter, I contacted the local authority solicitor, Kate Coughtrie, to request confirmation of their claim against me for wanting to maintain our family & private life as we had done for years and in a way my mother had wanted.

Below is a transcript of the phone call with KC from 19th December 2016 9.15 am (The audio recording remains secure)

Start of call
KC: Morning Mr Bury its kate Coughtrie
CB: Hiya there, um I just want to know if this letter is the council’s official response and Ms Cattermole’s allegation that I’m potentially breaking my mother and brother’s human rights?
KC: Well clearly that’s the response that Sam Cattermole has sent to you, so yes it is the council’s response. I can’t give you any legal advice on it obviously because I give legal advice within the council, um clearly if you’re not happy with it then this next stage is that you can proceed with and obviously seek your own legal advice.
CB: Ye’ that’s what I’m doing at the moment.
KC: Ok
CB: ye’, because this poor care of my brother and that has gone on too long
KC: Right
CB: And allegations now that I’m breaking his and his mother’s human rights, uh that’s incorrect, I’ve been trying to get him over here.

End of call


A year later, in 2017, a ‘best interest’ meeting was held, which I took a solicitor along with me,  was apprehensive & hopeful about the meeting but worried and sceptical by the end.

However, two years later in 2019, due to a BBC journalist contacting me and onside advocacy, my initial suspicions were sadly correct, and I discovered the meeting was bogus; there was no intention to arrange for my brother to return home or closer to our mother and me.
My brother remaining in the clutches of The Priory Group in a home where he should not have been placed, his weight amongst other concerns and issues neglected for a further two years; I banned from communication with The Priory Group and Herefordshire Council since.

I’ve requested a copy of the letter I received in 2016 from Herefordshire Council.
I will publish it here when received, and consider sharing the phone recording of my conversation with KC, a legal delegate who disregarded my families rights and the recurring indents of neglect & ill-treatment of my brother I reported to them.

I admit I was foolish to believe my local was there to support my vulnerable brother and us as a family when it is apparent their primary concern and commitment was for the provider and their interests.
The best interest meeting recording with onside advocacy in 2017 also remains secure. I will likely share the recording the journalist witnessed in a later post, to evidence how supposed professionals can deceive interested parties in the health & welfare of their loved ones, losing them to equally deceitful profiteering organisations.