An Onside Advocacy email of Interest

Below is an email communication from an IMCA lead co-ordinator of Onside Advocacy Suzanne Watterson (SW) to their colleagues the chief executive and a service manager.  I publish this in the interest of the public that may experience failure of their provided service to a vulnerable relative.

The last line of the email was originally redacted. However, I was able to un-redact it and found it said: “Ben has been quite resilient in dealing with Chris but I can see in talking to him today it has taken its toll on him.”

You will note, no consideration is displayed in the email by SW of the toll the inadequate care and support, institutional abuse or negligence of the provided IMCA/RPR advocate has taken on my brother or me. Including the provided advocate claimed my brother had lost three stones in weight, when in fact he had increased in weight by five stones affecting his health, the advocate and advocacy service neglecting my brother’s mandatory right to support and treatment.

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You will further note, the email from SW is dated two days before I submitted my complaint to the CEO of the Onside Advocacy service regarding the negligence of the provided advocate at the time.

Section 44 of The Mental Capacity Act 2005, appears not to apply or was disregarded by onside advocacy.