Another Birthday Celebration Denied

Yet again, The Priory Group denied my brother of contact for a Birthday celebration, on this occasion mine. No attempt was made to contact me, nor support provided by Herefordshire Council.
I have no doubt spurious records will be created, as they always are by Priory and LA; such as claimed logs for a Skype call by Priory Group.
Which incidentally an example of can be seen below.

A claimed call that took place on 24th March 2020. Which when I examined the original images are in reality almost five-year-old photos of screenshots from a Skype account that was not my brother nor to our mother’s (the agreed account to be used when my brother moved to H House in 2011 and later agreed in 2018 during a meeting with solicitors). Without giving away detail, there are other obvious discrepancies with the images themselves that a forensics expert would identify, and could dispute Priory Group claims without doubt.