The CQC The Priory Group & The Damaged Desktop PC

What you will see in the below shortened CCTV footage is the door in the background open, and my brother enters, for a rare family home visit during 2017, followed by a Priory Group carer carrying the desktop PC I build and set up for my brother’s particular needs and use.
Around the 7 seconds mark, you will see the Priory Group carer lower and place the PC on the floor, at this point you can see the front (top) of the PC is obviously broken and falls off, as the carer adjusts it then walks into the house, uninvited.

Approx two minutes later the carer leaves the house, followed by me, and then they exit the property.
You can see I pick up the PC and proceed to take it indoors. As I near the door into our home, I look at the PC, noting something is wrong with it.


The below communication between The Priory Group and CQC includes what the CQC state I told them, and is only partly correct.

I didn’t ask the carer about the damage to the PC until they arrived later that day, to pick up my brother. I also asked where the graphics card had gone and why a part (blanking plate) from the front was missing.
I recall the carer claimed not to know of the damage to the PC he was carrying, although evident in the footage he was conscious it was broken when he puts it on the floor.

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The Priory Group later refused to provide insurance details for a claim of damages against them. To date, I am still attempting to get the PC and equipment returned along with a declared detailed police report.

As a side note, I understand NC was working for The Priory Group while also working for the CQC as a specialist inspector.

Priory Group Director of Compliance 2013 – Sep 2016
CQC Mental health act commissioner Apr 2010 – Oct 2016
Craegmoor Healthcare (Priory Group) Director of Quality Sep 2016 – Mar 2017
Quality Director Priory Adult Care Mar 2017 –