Another Vexatious Letter from Herefordshire Council

Yesterday, I received another offensive letter from Claire Porter of Herefordshire Council after writing to and asking the Lead Councillor Jonathan Lester for assistance regarding an ongoing Investigatory Powers Tribunal case & obtaining a copy of a court order for Ms Porter’s declared continued monitoring of my website & social media.

My Letter, which was addressed to and for the attention of Councillor Lester can be read below, and the response I received from MS Porter below that or on this page:

follow up to councillor re behaviour legal action Lester 5th 12-03-2024_Redacted


UBP 15-03-2024-Redacted


Whether Cllr Lester received my letter or it was intercepted beforehand, I don’t currently know. But I am deeply disappointed in the response I received, and will be more so if I find the councillor did receive my letter but chose to disregard my request for help in obtaining copies of the requested for the Investigatory Powers Tribunal case, noting Ms Porter’s reference to the continued monitoring of my social media etc. Such would potentially imply, as with previous council staff I have experience, they would rather conceal wrong than hold council colleagues to account.