CQC Reports Priory Group Care home

I have been reviewing CQC reports, evidence I gave them and records I have regarding my brother ‘s ‘care’ home. Below are four images, extracts from four CQC reports for the same home between 2015 & 2019. All conducted before coronavirus and the pandemic became a consistent excuse for inadequate services, care or support.

Additionally, while Priory Group managers were telling me my brother had a lovely room with Rupert the Bear painted on the wall, and CQC inspectors rated the home ‘Good’, the below is what his room was like. My brother didn’t even have a sheet on the mattress of his bed. How an inspector doesn’t notice basic things like this, is astonishing.

In another CQC report is said ‘People had access to healthcare professionals when they required them.’

During this time my brother had missed doctor’s appointment and again required much-needed dental treatment that was neglected to be addressed. Just why so much and repeatedly CQC inspector/s reports conflict with reality, I can only assume is to appease the provider, having simultaneously employed Priory Group staff as CQC inspector and involved them in evidenced concerns without declaring a conflict of interest.

While I could continue to highlight conflict with the CQC reports, such as staff turnover, having replaced managers several times in three years alone, I will leave it for another day and end by saying I highly suspect it’s not the only home to have a number of erroneous CQC reports.