Ignorance of Deprivation of Liberty Form Content

I often wonder just how many DoLS authorisations are granted by directors like Stephen Vickers and Martin Samuels, signed without checking the accuracy or truthfulness of content, as they did.

Example letter to Martin Samuels, and below that some of my remarks regarding just one page of the social worker Stephen Mensah’s (SW30300) appalling DoLS completion which Samuels authorised without query.

Letter to Martin Samuels DoLS Authorisation 04-02-2018_Redacted


DoLS Form 3 25-04-2018 page 1 Remarks_Redacted


Martin Samuels never did respond to my letter, choosing once again ignorance over accountability & responsibility.


Sanctioned Abuse

270 days today since Herefordshire Councils’ last threat of costly legal action; and silence.

It’s also 555 days since Herefordshire Council refused support yet helped Priory Group prevent my brother from visiting me & our dying mother, refusing to allow him to attend our mother’s funeral with me, ignoring both government guidance and relevant legislation.
He still doesn’t know she has passed away.

Herefordshire council have also not returned all property they stole from me and my vulnerable brother, nor provided an explanation for the disappearance of a webcam I purchased for us to remain in contact. Abandoning support for my brother and I long ago.

Sanctioned abuse, nothing less.

A Little Piece of Paper But So Much More

Heartbreaking having to remove this little piece of paper from above my brother’s bedroom. Just a scrap of paper to all but us.
Whenever I did manage to get him home he would check his room & the Exit sign he made, a little piece of paper that has hung above his bedroom door for almost 30 yrs.





Response to Spurious Letter from Sam Cattermole

The below, partly redacted, is my response letter to Samantha Cattermole’s addressing each point of her spurious letter to me, regarding points I had raised about the recurring neglect of my brother during a meeting in 2016.

Response to Ms Cattermole letter of 15-12-2016 part redacted


Further Information

Gronemeier, mentioned in the letter, was the social worker who ignored clear indications of neglect at the meeting in 2016 and created the incomplete and inaccurate FACE Care and Support Plan V7 document, part of which can be seen in the below link.

Care and Support Plan and The Negligence of The Social Worker

After leaving Herefordshire Council, Gronemeier had her colleague at Gloucestershire County Council, Dawn Porter (Head of Services for Integrated Adult Social Care) send a letter to me attempting to threaten and intimidate me. That letter can be seen in the link below.

Vexatious and Threatening Letter from Gloucestershire County Council

Other people included in the letter were, Stevens, an advocate for Onside advocacy, who took little issue with photos shown to all present at the meeting, and I later found sought dietary advice from a none-medically trained colleague at his other place of work whose main research at the time, I understand was in was in pet food. He ceased being my brother’s advocate after it was claimed my ‘barrage’ of emails had upset him.

Sibanda, Mendez and Griffith were individuals who took no issue with medication misuse, broke promises regarding care plans and made false claims about my brother’s activities. All left The Priory Group shortly after the meeting I attended.
In just a three years period approximately ten managers and multiple staff changes took place, yet the CQC rated the placement as adequate regardless of their own concern.
However this is of little surprise after discovering the CQC employ Priory Group managers as inspectors and during a later meeting with Priory Group & Herefordhsire Council staff, a Priory Group manager declared to be in regular contact with the inspector.
Watts (Priory Group Director of Risk & Safety ) I recall, had closed down communications by the time of the meeting, but he continued to issue letters making demands, creating false stories about my brother, property and about audio/video footage captured; defending staff and taking no issue with the footage later discovered after it was undeleted from a device.
One of those letters by David Watts and my blog entry can be viewed in the below link.

Letter Regarding The Confiscated Phone


Diazepam & Fluid Restriction

Herefordshire Council, Worcestershire County Council, the CQC, the Local Government Ombudsman, The Priory Group and Onside advocacy advocates.
All knew of the misuse of Diazepam.
All knew of or heard recordings of carers stating the fluid restriction lasted months (which I still have secured).
Yet, all chose to ignore or were active in covering up.

Is it really so difficult to hold those responsible to account and apologise? it appears so and that covering up is the preferred choice and course of action.

A Letter to Councillors July 2021

Yesterday, I sent the below letter to Herefordshire Council Councillors.
As you will see, I inform the councillors of the length of time I have waited since the last threat received from Herefordshire Council.
I have also invited councillors to comment on the received letter from 2020 and phone call recording from 2016, which the received letter refers to.

Dear Councillor July 2021_Redacted1


The webpage link within the above letter can also be viewed here:, which contains a recording of my phone conversation with: The Herefordshire Council Solicitor KC – 2016

Regarding honesty and solicitors, the Solicitors Regulatory Authority has an informative webpage (link below), which as you can read says ‘A finding that someone we regulate has acted dishonestly is a serious matter.
SRA Guidance – Acting with Honesty










4 Years Since A Bogus Best Interest Meeting

4 years ago, in July 2017, during a best interest meeting with Herefordshire Council staff, my brother’s psychiatrist agreed to meet with me to discuss and review medication.

Four months later, in November, after several attempts chasing up the agreements of the meeting, Martin Samuels the then director of Adults & Wellbeing, restricted & blocked communications with the council.

And during this time while I have discovered a lot more, including that the meeting was bogus, and the advocate provided to my brother later lied to a news reporter. The psychiatrist has not contacted me since.

The Torment Continues

Today it is 188 days since Herefordshire Council last threatened me with costly legal action, and still no formal notice. Continuing their torment.

It is also 474 days since I last saw my adopted brother due to the LA’s neglect of support and Priory Group deceit. Now deprived of being together for two funerals, including that of our mother, and many happier special occasions.



My Brother’s Birthday Visit 2021 – Denied

As suspected, the Priory Group wouldn’t allow my brother home on his birthday. The below, the only communication from the manager or Herefordshire Council since March 2020; other than letters to threaten, alienate and impose further restrictions to our rights.

I consider the manager implying I am not family, extremely insulting, particularly as I was the only sibling of our parents to grow up with, lived with and supported my brother at the family home since my childhood, and the manager having previously lied to me on more than one occasion.


A Quick Thank You

Thank you to everyone who read my message a few days ago & sent a birthday card to The Priory Group Head office to forward to my brother.

I don’t know if he has or will receive them, but I’m grateful for your kindness & thoughts.