Indications of Psychological Abuse

The Below is a list of some of the signs of psychological abuse.
Although not extensive, these are just ones I have experienced from organisations including Priory Group, Onside Advocacy and local authority.
Identifying these sooner may help you before it is too late.

Monitoring whereabouts
Unilateral decision-making
Lecturing or direct orders
Feigned helplessness
Denying something you know is true
Goading then blaming
Denying their abuse
Accusing you of abuse
Destroying and denying
Trying to come between you and family
Actively working to turn others against you
Indifference or apathy
Shutting down communication


A further 308 Days

Today, 8th January 2021, is 308 days since I last had contact with my vulnerable brother, after an unreasonable struggle to make a few minutes of contact happen while I was in the hospital with our mother.
The Priory Group ignoring a court order, legislation & gov guidance since, even for our mother’s funeral, which due to such I will now never have closure.
All while Herefordshire Council chose to continue their neglect, punitive restriction and long-running form of psychological abuse.

Today is also 22 days since Alistair Neill CEO representing Herefordshire Council informed me of their proposed legal action & costly claim against me for naming four corrupt social workers in my local authority. I have received no official notice yet. Their delay adding to torment.


Responses During 2019 from Organisations

Response to letters & requests during 2019 from some party to concealing neglect & ill-treatment of my brother.
Example of the reality of dealing with individuals & organisations in the ‘care’ sector who seek to avoid accountability & responsibility.

Trevor Torrington – CEO Priory Group – Ignored
David Watts – Director of Risk & Safety Priory Group – Ignored (Previously made many fallacious claims and blocked communications)

Rebekah Cresswell – Manager Priory Group- Ignored

Alistair Neill – CEO Herefordshire Council – Ignored (Has never responded to my letters nor request to meet and discuss since 2013)
Stephen Vickers – Director of Adults & Wellbeing Herefordshire Council – Ignored (Made false claims and blocked all communication since 2017)
Kate Harvey – Onside Advocacy – spurious response supporting unlawful restrictions by a third advocate (blocked communications in 2016)

Recording of Bogus Best Interest Meeting 2017

The below is part of a recording (9 minutes 5 seconds, names censored) from a meeting with Herefordshire Council social workers and onside advocacy advocates in July 2017. I also include my solicitor’s, at the time, notes and my draft of meeting notes that Herefordshire Council omitted from their record version.

The original was shared with a BBC reporter who later told me I was a creditable witness and the advocate had claimed differently to the reporter regarding them stating they were ‘stunned & horrified’.

You will also hear the worrying statement of missing doctors letter, people above screwing up and the disturbing statement ‘don’t document that’. Not long after this meeting Herefordshire Council blocked all communication and imposed their unreasonable behaviour policy, claiming I was threatening and intimidating, disregarding my request to evidence such.


I share this recording due to threats received from Herefordshire Council and to provide some proof that in all the years I have been battling for my now deceased mother, and adopted brother who is lost to The Priory Group and Herefordshire Council, I have not been untruthful or dishonest as Herefordshire Council CEO recently claims, yet they have.

I had complete trust in the ‘professionals’ at this meeting. However, I was misled into believing the meeting’s commitments were genuine when the meeting was no more than a sham.
Subsequently, opportunities were ignored to move my brother to a suitable placement closer to his home and family, while concerns and incidents continued; my brother left in Priory Group ‘care’ against his mother and my wishes, while wheels were in motion to conceal what occurred. Why, merely for convenience, performance records or commercial interests?

Below are my solicitor’s, for this meeting, notes and my draft additional notes which are missing from the council record.

Atten note. SolicirtorNR_Redacted


Notes for draft copy of minutes for July 2017_Redacted


A Letter To Alistair Neill (CEO of Herefordshire Council)

As Mr Alistair Neill (CEO of Herefordshire Council) has made aggressive, vexatious and erroneous threats toward me, continuing punitive restriction for a 4th year in the form of their ‘Unreasonable Behaviour Policy’, I publish below my first letter to him, from August 2013, regarding concerns including of care & support they commissioned for my mother & brother; which he never responded to.

Over the years, further letters to Mr Neill have remained unresponded; I assume wishing to make himself wilfully ignorant of facts and inadequate services.

To Alistair Neill Herefordshire Council 08-2013_Redacted


Should Mr Neill read this post, I remind him as the nominated individual for Herefordshire Council, as I have his colleague Mr Stephen Vickers, the nominated individual for adult social care, of Justice Lord Munby’s words:

‘The local authority is a servant, not a master, a truth which on occasions is too easily overlooked.
Vulnerable adults and their carers, look to the State – to a local authority – for the support, the assistance and provision of the services to which the law, giving effect to the underlying principles of the welfare state, entitles them.
They do not seek to be “controlled” by the State or by the local authority. And it is not the State in the guise of a local authority to seek to exercise such control. The State, the local authority, is the servant of those in need of its support and assistance; it is not their master. And any attempt to control is likely to be nothing but counter-productive when it comes to a local authority ‘working together’, as it must, with family carers.’


Aggressive Threats And Legal Action From Herefordshire Council

Below is a letter I received from Alistair Neill (CEO of Herefordshire Council).

I am sure those reading this post, and who know me, will not be surprised at Mr Neill’s aggressive attitude toward me, having ignored my letters to him in the past regarding the inadequate care, neglect and ill-treatment of my brother.

Hereford-Council-Threatening-Letter 18.12.20_Redacted


There is much I could rebut regarding Mr Neill’s vexatious letter, particularly his claim of ‘inaccurate and untrue statements about professionals’ when factual evidence details the contrary.
Additionally, while Mr Neill has asked that I do not write to councillors regarding Mr Vickers disregard of evidence, ignorance, neglect and fabrication, I may send councillors a copy of Mr Neill’s letter, along with other information.

Mr Neill’s claim ‘and are represented currently’, is factually inaccurate and I invite him to substantiate and defend his claims that I have been inaccurate and untruthful.

On a separate note, the ICO recently wrote to Mr Neill regarding Herefordshire Council’s poor handling and loss of my data, which they are to respond to within 28 days.


Along with Mr Neill’s erroneous threatening letter received via post this morning, was the below ‘Unreasonable Behaviour Policy (external)’ document. I’ve not read through it, but I suspect it is the same as they issued in November 2017 after I provided audio/video evidence of neglect and ill-treatment of my brother to the LA.

Unreasonable Behaviour Policy (external)


Since first contacting Mr Neill in August 2013, not once has he responded nor requested to review evidence, the only toxic replies, threats.

The Council Solicitor & Letter Regarding Human Rights

In 2016 Herefordshire Council sent me a letter accusing me of breaching my family’s Human Rights if I disagreed with theirs and The Priory Group demands on how we maintained our private & family life.
On reading the letter, I contacted the local authority solicitor, Kate Coughtrie, to request confirmation of their claim against me for wanting to maintain our family & private life as we had done for years and in a way my mother had wanted.

Below is a transcript of the phone call with KC from 19th December 2016 9.15 am (The audio recording remains secure)

Start of call
KC: Morning Mr Bury its kate Coughtrie
CB: Hiya there, um I just want to know if this letter is the council’s official response and Ms Cattermole’s allegation that I’m potentially breaking my mother and brother’s human rights?
KC: Well clearly that’s the response that Sam Cattermole has sent to you, so yes it is the council’s response. I can’t give you any legal advice on it obviously because I give legal advice within the council, um clearly if you’re not happy with it then this next stage is that you can proceed with and obviously seek your own legal advice.
CB: Ye’ that’s what I’m doing at the moment.
KC: Ok
CB: ye’, because this poor care of my brother and that has gone on too long
KC: Right
CB: And allegations now that I’m breaking his and his mother’s human rights, uh that’s incorrect, I’ve been trying to get him over here.

End of call


A year later, in 2017, a ‘best interest’ meeting was held, which I took a solicitor along with me,  was apprehensive & hopeful about the meeting but worried and sceptical by the end.

However, two years later in 2019, due to a BBC journalist contacting me and onside advocacy, my initial suspicions were sadly correct, and I discovered the meeting was bogus; there was no intention to arrange for my brother to return home or closer to our mother and me.
My brother remaining in the clutches of The Priory Group in a home where he should not have been placed, his weight amongst other concerns and issues neglected for a further two years; I banned from communication with The Priory Group and Herefordshire Council since.

I’ve requested a copy of the letter I received in 2016 from Herefordshire Council.
I will publish it here when received, and consider sharing the phone recording of my conversation with KC, a legal delegate who disregarded my families rights and the recurring indents of neglect & ill-treatment of my brother I reported to them.

I admit I was foolish to believe my local was there to support my vulnerable brother and us as a family when it is apparent their primary concern and commitment was for the provider and their interests.
The best interest meeting recording with onside advocacy in 2017 also remains secure. I will likely share the recording the journalist witnessed in a later post, to evidence how supposed professionals can deceive interested parties in the health & welfare of their loved ones, losing them to equally deceitful profiteering organisations.