Care plan and The Priory Group Solicitor

In September 2016 Mr Matthew Dillon (MD) a solicitor of The Priory Group became involved with my brother’s inadequate care and support after I requested my brother’s care plan from the Priory group. MD mislead me to believe he was a data protection officer, taking two months to indicate to me that he is not a registered data protection officer.

MD promised to have my brother’s care plan sent to me after I emailed TR the CEO of The Priory Group, and after the subsequent involvement of The Information Commissioner’s Office concerning the requested data.
I did receive a poorly constructed home support plan that included many inaccuracies, including but not limited to, wrongly recorded medication and documented drug names. To date, H House nor MD has provided my brother’s care plan document to me, as was agreed; which I believe has contributed to the ill-treatment and inadequate care and support of my brother.

below are some of the many email communications of significance which clearly shows MD’s  and H House managements broken promises of providing my brother’s care plan to me. I believe it may be due to the fact it could provide further evidence of inaccurately documented care records, as did the home support plan that I received.















After much delay, I became suspicious that MD may not be qualified or have expertise in any area of care, so I requested to know his Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) number.
Unsurprisingly, on checking MD’s SRA number, I found that he had no qualification or expertise in any area of care, the only areas of practice being company and commercial, as the email communication below shows.