Claims of Mental Health Issues and Harassement 2016

Below is a list of some of my bullet points for a meeting held in 2016, which my local authority told me was a best interests meeting regarding the recurring neglect, abuse, and inadequate care and support of my vulnerable brother.

Some days later, I complained about the ‘professionals’ who failed to provide promised information and uphold agreements made at the meeting. They then later giving varying versions of meeting events in other letters and emails.

I, unfortunately, discovered there was no intention to move my sibling back home, or to an adequate and suitable care home closer to family, nor address concerns.

As you will note in the email below, 

  • For complaining about the negligence of the social worker and advocate, I was accused of having a mental health issue.
  • For emailing to request information and arrange family home visits, I was accused of harassment and ‘doing my own thing’.

While I continue to witness my sibling regress and deteriorate under local authority and Priory Group ‘care’, the above is just one of many in a catalogue of failures and lies made by supposed professionals that my sibling and I have endured over the years. 

I believe the email can evidence local authority priority is to support the provider and NOT the vulnerable in their care and their family members who raise concerns.

Bullet points for meeting 2016

DBest Interests Concerns Meeting 09-2016 (Bullet Points)_Redacted


S Sibanda email regarding meeting

Sarah Sibanda email regarding meeting concerns_Redacted


For the interest of the public, particularly those who have loved ones in care, the person who wrote the email left and went to a different provider:

Do I forgive them for denying my vulnerable brother visits home and being a party to covering up what happened? Absolutely not.