Damage to PC and Recurring Neglect

My brother recently visited his mother and me. The recurring unkept nails concern continues, as the photo below shows, and which has been ignored by The Priory Group management multiple times.

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He brought with him his computer; which he enjoys using for games and typing.

Disappointingly, his computer arrived damaged, and on checking data, I found it had only been used once for a very short period during August and September 2017. An anonymised photo of the damage can be seen below. The plastics lugs which should hold the front panel secure, broken and the blanking plates missing. I also checked CCTV from three security camera’s and found the person dropping the pc off was aware that the computer was broken.


I have written to both Herefordshire Council and The Priory Group, who have an duty to respect the personal property of individuals under their care, and am waiting to file an insurance claim, as his RPR does not appear to have regular contact with him.