Neglect and Institutional Abuse – Update September 2017

During a short family home visit on 5th September 2017, I asked my brother if I could take some photos to put on our website and highlight how long neglect and inadequate care and support has been allowed to continue.

Below are two of the photographs displaying the recurring poor condition of my vulnerable autistic brother’s fingernails, these were not the only indications of neglect that I identified during his visit.
Spectacles remained un-repaired, as I noted when a lens fell out, and suitable clothing was again not provided for his visit, even though it rained considerably. All recurring incidents as records can show and audio/video and photographs can evidence.

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138 days have passed since David Watts (Director of Risk and Safety at The Priory Group) sent the below to me , refusing to address concerns, and blocked communications for and on behalf of my vulnerable brother and family, denying us of contact and allowing the continuation of inadequate care and support.