Damage to PC (Update)

As of writing this blog post, it is 3rd October 2017.

On 22nd September 2017, I emailed several Priory Group Staff including David Watts (Director of Risk and Safety for The Priory Group), MD (Solicitor for The Priory Group) and DP (Complaints Manager for The Priory Group). I informed them of the damage I noted to my brother personal computer, I received no reply.

On 25th September 2017, I once again contacted the above individuals, informing them that I would escalate the issue of the damage to my brother’s PC if I did not receive a reply by 30th September 2017.

I waited until the 2nd October 2017, and unsurprisingly received no response from any of the above individuals or representative of The Priory Group, they selected to ignore my request.

My brother now left without a safe and usable form of enjoyment.
However, the evidence I collected from his PC hard drive shows he was rarely assisted to enjoy typing or playing games on it, in the past four years; contrary to documentation stating otherwise.

Where The Priory Group claim and documented my brother uses his PC for one hour a week to keep a diary evidence shows such is false,  the typing software used for only 1.5 hours in four years. As to gaming, he has only been allowed to play one of his favourite games once in three months and for an extremely short time.

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