The Total Estimated Cost of Inadequate Care and Support

A person with an assumed pseudonym of Harry ford requested via The Hereford Times to know who paid for my brother’s inadequate care and support and how much it cost. As of writing this blog entry. From the figures I possess and from the date my brother was placed in H House by the local authority during 2013, to today, the estimated total amount paid to The Priory Group by Herefordshire Council for the poor care and support of my brother is £410,000.

This figure includes my brother’s one to one support which was significantly reduced and the removal of activities that my brother enjoyed, only having activities re-instated when I raised a concern. Further, isolating him from his family due to lack of provision for his care and support and the neglect of his and his family’s statutory rights.

In my understanding of section 5 of The Care Act, Herefordshire Council has a statutory duty to provide a variety of high-quality services, whose members are able to deliver such.