Denied of Celebrating Birthday at Home

It is the third consecutive year my brother has been denied of celebrating his Birthday at home with his mother and me.

None of Herefordshire Council’s social care staff, including his social worker RC, their line manager AM or either of the directors for adults and wellbeing SV and RV, bothered to contact me to ask about arrangements for this established event. I assume due to the discrimination and extended punitive restrictions imposed by Herefordshire Council on communications with them for a further twelve months, totalling nineteen months, wilfully ignoring concerns, rights and continuing in my understanding their organisational abuse.

Our mother, who I care for, was upset that my brother did not come home for his Birthday, and worries about why he remains in an unsuitable home, alienated from us.
It is saddening and insulting to know; this is how Herefordshire Council regard a vulnerable adult and treat just one family who fostered many tens of children over the years. I hope to put this concern and others forward in the future in a court of law.

As much as the incompetent and nescient staff of Herefordshire Council and The Priory Group try, I will not be abandoning or un-befriending my adopted brother and will continue to address concerns for and on his behalf when required and until he has satisfactory care and support; as his mother instructed me to do some years ago.