Destruction of Our Family

On the 7th June 2018, I received a letter from Mr Stephen Vickers (Director for  Adult and Wellbeing at Herefordshire Council), forbidding communication with my brother’s social workers and continuing the oppressive and punitive restrictions imposed for a further year.
Such will likely, and once again, deny my brother of celebrating his approaching Birthday at home with his mother and me, as he had always done, until moving to H House.

Our family has been deliberately eroded to the point of destruction and our statutory rights ignored by the very organisations that have a legal obligation to my brother, mother, and me as an unpaid carer for disabled relatives.



I believe any layperson can identify victimisation, discrimination and misuse of a policy over the law, and that such is a clear indication of organisational or institutional abuse. Unfortunately, from personal experience, it appears a common practice for some Herefordshire Council social care management employees.
Regardless of the attempts by Mr Vickers and his colleagues, I will not be un-befriending my brother nor will I cease to raise concern for and on behalf of my brother or mother.