Denied of support with phone calls

In 2019, I submitted a SAR to The Priory Group; in it, one of the pieces of data I asked for was:
A certified true copy of H House telephone call log history for calls to me on the numbers for the period 2nd June 2018 to 4th August 2019.

The below has taken an extended time to obtain after The Priory Group ignored my request, and the Information Commissioner’s Office became involved, once again.

While my brother was claimed to be supported with making calls home, This particular Priory Group communication shows just one outbound call was made in 2018-2019.



Similarly, we have only been allowed Skype video calls for approximately 3 minutes since his account was created over five years ago, with various excuses made for denying him access, and us contact.

I am constantly finding with regard to the organisations involved with my family and me, the more they lie, the more they reveal.