Discrimination and Censorship by Herefordshire Council

Since receiving the vexatious and authoritarian letter from Martin Samuels, the director for adults and wellbeing at Herefordshire Council, communication with Herefordshire Council staff is being monitored and vetted by Stephen Vickers (SV) the assistant director for adults and wellbeing.
In my understanding of the law, such is not least discrimination, and conflicts with regulations and neglects rights and obligations. A redacted copy of MS vexatious and authoritarian letter to me:



Below, a separate vexatious letter of threats of legal action and breach of Human Rights from Herefordshire Council  (JS)



From our experience, it is disappointing to know obscurantism appears to be another practice employed by some local authorities and care providers.

The severe restriction imposed by MS regarding contact with relevant staff,  for or on behalf of my vulnerable brother, has already caused a significant delay of two weeks for contact with my brother’s current social worker. A further five days delay has been caused concerning the denied access to the mobile phone that I loaned my brother; now powered off as of writing this on 10th December 2017.

Over the past two years, The Priory Group and some Herefordshire Council staff from senior level to lower have actively destroyed our family and contact with my brother; I believe most members of the public will consider such is reprehensible.

Update to the above post (originally created on 10-12-2017, this paragraph update published on 08-07-2020) – Due to Martin Samuels ignorance my brother was left for a further two and half years before even weight issues (over five stones over wight) were address, and only then due to Court of Protection intervention. However, institutional abuse remains.

Those that read our blog will recall the assistant director is the same individual who in communication to colleagues, attempted to find a way of suppressing our website and blog, appearing to neglect the duty of care, and human rights of my brother and family. I believe the conflict of interest is undeniable.