Denied 87th Birthday Celebration

Recently it was our mother’s 87th Birthday, unfortunately, and due to the poor support provided to my brother, he was denied of visiting his mother to celebrate, the residential home did not even send a Birthday card to his mother on his behalf.

Some days before, I had arranged for my brother to loan a mobile phone that was for his use so that he could remain in contact with his family and we could contact him without restriction. The phone once handed over to staff of the home was later switched off by, and only briefly powered on when I requested a social worker contact the home and ask the staff to turn the phone back on. The phone, which is monitored remotely, was again powered off the next morning and has remained so for some days, denying my brother of valued contact with his mother and me.

The destruction of our family and disregard of established events has not only been facilitated by particular Herefordshire Council and Priory Group staff in the past two years but also inadequate care, support, deficiency of service and negligence appear to be wilfully ignored by the current Director for Adults and Wellbeing at Herefordshire Council. One of the most worrying concerns the disregard of specific Mental Capacity Act legislation, to date my offer to show evidence and for a meeting with a representative solicitor have also been ignored.