Freedom of Information Request

On the 12th March 2017, I submitted a freedom of information request to Herefordshire Council, due to the refusal by some individuals involved directly or indirectly with my brother’s provided inadequate care and support, to supply necessary information to his family.

A copy of the partially acceptable response of 4th April 2017 to my request can be found on the website here with the full request here

I believe, from the data supplied, it indicates a concerning lack of readily accessible information, not least to Herefordshire Council employees who have a legal duty to vulnerable people, but also to an interested party; without first re-assessing any individuals.
From experience,  arrangement for re-assessment causing a considerable delay for a vulnerable person, and potentially introducing additional anxiety or distress.
Such allows neglect and abuse of the individual’s rights to continue unnecessarily and unlawfully for any length of time, an example being my brother when he was unlawfully deprived of his liberty by the residential care home H House and Herefordshire Council; having no DoLS in place for a time, and until I involved solicitors.

Similarly, the data indicates to me, Herefordshire Council does not know how many, or for how long they have deprived any vulnerable person the right to access The Court of Protection, in my brother’s case over fourteen months.

I find it difficult to comprehend how Herefordshire Council can promptly identify when any person has not paid an invoice, council tax or the like, yet do not know when vulnerable people that are under their care are unlawfully deprived of their statutory rights, and for how long. In my opinion, an adequate and efficient system of checking should have been in place for far longer than I suspect it has been neglected.