Further Neglect & Discrimination

Below is a recently taken photo of one of my brother’s big toes, it appears infected and from what I understand after speaking with an independent professional and another individual has been left this way, untreated for some time. Why my vulnerable brother has to suffer recurring neglect and inadequate care and support provided by The Priory Group is incomprehensible.

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As MS the director for adults and wellbeing at Herefordshire Council has refused to acknowledge concerns, I believe to protect nescient staff, he has ignored his duty of care to my brother and family and not least disregarded The Mental Capacity Act. The neglect and institutional abuse of my vulnerable brother have been permitted to continue by Herefordshire Council.

Further, my brother remains denied access to the mobile phone I loaned to him in November 2017, which was to allow him contact with his mother and me. As of writing this entry, it is over one month since the phone was powered off. The Priory Group staff DW (David Watts), DP (David Parkes) and Matthew Dillon (MD) (Solicitor) have not responded to emails or ceased discriminating against my brother and mother.