Local Authority Support of Neglect and Abuse

Below is a redacted copy of a recent letter from Mr Samuels (Director for adult and wellbeing at Herefordshire Council).

You will note within MS’s letter he states the issues relating to my vulnerable brother’s care have already been fully considered and they will not continue correspondence. In reality, concerns have been ignored for over two years with false allegation made by staff and obligations disregarded.
My brother denied of not least a mandatory right to treatment and support of a dietician for his weight, speech and language therapy, and most recently neglected for some weeks until I intervened to address of an untreated fungal nail infection that my brother was suffering with, which had I not become involved would have been left untreated.



I regard to taking our case to The Local Government Ombudsman, MS is perfectly aware that The LGO address cases under The Local Government Act 1974 for a period dating back 12 months. We seek proper legal justice for the recurring neglect and abuse of my brother,  destruction of our family, negligence of staff, and where we can show evidence to a judge in a court of law.

In my opinion, it is disappointing and unfortunate to know that we have so many individuals in senior positions within adult social care who appear to display narcissistic traits and who bully, threaten and use ignorance to defend neglect, negligence, provider’s and service failure. Most concerning is the ignorance of obligation and disregard of legislation regarding vulnerable people, their family and unpaid carers; I believe such is obviously to avoid any liability or personal humiliation.

I have no difficulty in identifying the causes of why so many vulnerable people and their families in Herefordshire are so poorly treated and supported.

I have also requested of MS and Herefordshire Council all their evidence of the allegations made against me.