Lawfulness of DoLS

On 14th March 2018, I received a phone call from Mr SM the person who conducted the recent harmful and questionable Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards assessment of my brother. Form 3 of the assessment not only contains inaccuracy but untruthful information, and also includes a second and conflicting reason for why the mobile phone loaned to my brother was taken from him and locked away denying him access to family contact.

During the phone call, I asked the assessor SM, more than once, as a solicitor had advised me, “who was the IMCA that you consulted with?” Mr SM refused to answer and provide the details requested.

Further, I asked SM why he had published comments about me, shared by third parties with him concerning me, and without my consent on the DoLS form he submitted relating to my brother; SM again refused to answer.

Since speaking with SM, I received a letter from Herefordshire Council stating there was no such IMCA consulted for the DoLS assessment and am awaiting a formal response as to why my data was shared on a form of my brothers; as advised by The Information Commissioner’s Office.

As a side note, the second RPR provided to my brother, TC of, has not once challenged The Priory Group or Herefordshire Council concerning the inadequate care and support of my vulnerable brother, in the fourteen months they have been paid to represent my brother.