Letter from Rebekah Cresswell Priory Group

A couple of days ago I received the below letter from The Priory Group.

Regarding the claim of having written to me on 12th June, I’ve received no such letter. In fact, for no less than the last 12 months, although an interested party in the health & welfare of my brother, I have been excluded from involvement and contact.
And he has been denied of visits home, even to visit our dying mother, when requested, before the pandemic started.

There is a significant amount of concern I could highlight in the letter, not least they have had seven months to prepare and adjust, four since lockdown began on 26th March 2020 and, as I can evidence, have ignored previous government guidance and legislation.

Priory Group Letter 27-07-2020_Redacted


Additionally, below is an extract from an email of 19th June 2020 informing me of coronavirus testing kits order and arriving at the Priory Group home. You’ll note it also states ‘There have been no cases suspected or confirmed cases of coronavirus among residents or staff here at H House to date’. How do they know if they haven’t had kits to test with?

The below link will take you to the wayback archive page regarding the Government launch on 11th May 2020, of the portal for care homes to arrange coronavirus testing
 Government launches new portal for care homes to arrange coronavirus testing