Letter Regarding The Confiscated Phone (update)

In the letter from David Watts (DW) of The Priory Group to me regarding the phone loaned to my brother and its confiscation, DW stated: “The videos do not in any way at all show that ********** is being mistreated.”

Contrary to DW’s claim, and since, I have reviewed the video and other data further.

One video clip shows my brother wearing and sleeping in clothes which he also wore when visiting us at home, a photograph I recently found also verifies this. How long my brother has been sleeping in his clothes and why his current social worker RC, appointed RPR TC or DW of The Priory Group did not address this, I do not know.

In my opinion, it is reprehensible for DW to defend such an indication of institutional abuse. Further, and in another video clip, staff can be heard shouting angrily at another resident.

A further concern is that DW, who has written several specious letters to me, permitted one of his colleagues to delete video of themselves and a carer from the confiscated loaned phone, yet DW conveniently never mentioned this even after I recovered the deleted footage.

The original redacted copy of DW’s specious letter can be read below: