Years Waiting for Skype

Since moving to HH and my repeated requests since 2014 for Skype to be available to my brother for contact with me and our mother, it has taken Herefordshire Council, The Priory Group and my brother’s currently appointed RPR TC and social worker RC over 14 months since a best interest meeting in July 2017, to arrange for Skype to be possible.
Disappointingly, of two poor quality video calls, one occasion was terminated abruptly by the staff of H House after a mere one minute one second with no attempt at reconnecting, and my attempt to reconnect showing he was offline.

I believe any reasonable people would consider such a long delay after repeated requests to allow a vulnerable person access to Skype for contact with their family is inexcusable and excessive.
Such notably when both The Priory Group and Herefordshire Council have blocked and ignored requests for my brother to visit his mother and me, and ignored our chosen method of communication.

Similarly, my brother’s desktop PC which was damaged at H House in September 2017, has taken eleven months to arrange its return to him, his current social worker RC delaying returning it since I repaired and upgraded it after DW of The Priory Group ignored my request to provide insurance details for its repair.
Due to these facts, it will likely take a long time for me to help my brother to regain his skills and enjoyment of computers, having appeared to become deskilled.