Mother’s Day Visit Missed

Today, my brother was due to visit his family home for Mother’s Day. For a second consecutive year, my brother was denied this established event and time with his 87-year-old mother.

Before this date I attempted to contact his social worker via email and phone to make arrangements for visits allowing my brother home, I also sent a recorded delivery letter, which was received by Herefordshire Council at 10.49 am on 8th March 2018, nobody contacted me.
Whether such is due to The Priory Groups sustained institutional abuse of my brother or due to the threat made by the Director of adults and wellbeing at Herefordshire Council that an adverse service would be provided to us, I believe is debatable.

My brother remains unable to contact us freely, and we him, due to the provider denying him access to the mobile phone I loaned him. The phone now switched off and locked away for almost four months, as of writing this, with two flawed versions of the reason why it was taken from him.