My Mother’s Wishes For My Brother

Shortly after my mother was diagnosed with the onset of dementia, she became worried about what would happen with my vulnerable brother when she was gone.
In part because of the appalling neglect and delay of necessary dental treatment he endured 3 years earlier, which I discovered and challenged to arrange his treatment. And the sudden move of my brother out of the county, which my mother, nor I ever wanted, an adopted brother who I lived with and helped support for almost forty years.

So we created a consent letter regarding her wishes of who should represent my brother concerning health and welfare before her dementia advanced.

The letter attesting wishes was witnessed & signed simultaneously by the observer, and a copy sent to Herefordshire Council, The Priory Group and my brother’s G.P.
Shortly afterwards, Herefordshire Council refused to recognise my mother’s wishes or the recurring neglect and ill-treatment of my brother that I reported.
With support from Onside Advocacy, Herefordshire Council continued creating erroneous records regarding my vulnerable brother’s care and support and issuing vexatious and damaging threats and statements, perniciously destroying our family and contact.

Below is a redacted copy of that letter, from 2016.

Consent form for D on behalf of Mum