Restrictions to Private & Family Life Without Authority

Below is an example of Priory Group & Herefordshire Council restrictive contact for family home visits to our mother & me; after they broke promises at a meeting in September 2016.

Controlling restraints made without application to the Court of Protection; denying us of much private & family life; assisting in destroying my family and institutionalising my brother.

I later discovered the below communication to parties involved in concealing the recurring neglect and ill-treatment of my brother that I had evidenced at the meeting.
It claiming I had a mental health issue because I had registered a complaint against the staff of organisations present at the meeting.

Subsequently, I was required to undergo a mental health assessment, which concluded I had no mental disorder.
However, I would suspect others at the meeting had a psychiatric problem, not least due to their deceit and apparent lack of empathy and compassion.

Additionally, I would add, the social worker’s paranoia regarding the meeting being recorded, and irrational refusal to hold the meeting until my mobile phone was turned off and inspected by the negligent advocate provided to my brother, was of further concern.