Neglect – October 2017

I had asked The Priory Group staff via email, including the director of risk and safety, complaints manager and solicitor to let me know if my brother would be coming home for a family Birthday. Unfortunately, although the emails were viewed no Priory Group staff responded to my request, so I had to cancel arrangements. However, my brother did arrive later that day but could only stay for one hour.

You will note the photos below display neglect and clear indications of continued institutional abuse.
It almost 14 months since I was told amelioration would occur at the meeting of 14th September 2016, and nearly 11 months since the provider refused to address recurring and ongoing concerns of unacceptable standards of care and support.

How and why these concerns can be wilfully ignored and allowed to recur and continue is unbelievable.

Recurring unkept nails

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The detritus from one nail

Continued un-cleaned glasses, an obvious safety concern


After many months of requesting that the frame of my brother’s glasses are professionally repaired, this is the poor result.