Vexatious and Threatening Letter from Gloucestershire County Council

On 27th October 2017, I received the below vexatious and threatening letter via email from Dawn Porter (DP) The Head of Service for Integrated Adult Social Care for Gloucestershire County Council.
I publish the letter (partially redacted) in the public interest. I firmly believe there is a reasonable probability if a family member or interested party of a vulnerable person reports a negligent social worker and inform the social worker redress will be sought, the family member or interested party will receive a similar vexatious letter from Gloucestershire County Council.
In my understanding, the use of authority by a social worker, particularly a senior one, to attempt to intimidate or threaten a family member or concerned party of a vulnerable individual who has reported a concern of negligence does not comply with UK law.



You will note the letter states “The police have also been contacted about your behaviour and want to be kept informed if your harassment of Ms G continues.”
I contacted Gloucestershire Police and asked them for the incident report number, I  also informed them of the social worker’s negligence which resulting in further neglect and institutional abuse of my vulnerable brother, and registered a separate incident number with them. I firmly believe there is potential for a serious incident to occur due to the social worker’s carelessness.
I also visited Herefordshire Police station to show them the letter from DP The Head of Service for Integrated Adult Social Care for Gloucestershire County council, and my communications with the social worker.

I have sent my reply to Gloucestershire County Council’s vexatious, threatening letter, which is below, and I await their response.