Piecing The Lies Together

Below is communication between a Priory Group employee SCW and a CQC inspector who I met with, JM.

The claims in the email conflicts with facts and my repeated reports of incidents of neglect of my brother’s hygiene and nail care, as can be seen in photos below; he unable to do such adequately himself.

The photos at the bottom of this post, are just a few from various dates and times under Priory Group ‘care’ taken when my brother was allowed to visit his family home, where he lived for almost four decades, and are not from just one year.

CQC 25 20170927 DISCLOSE_Redacted


SCW claims ‘A very small amount of debris’?
I categorically state such is an utter lie.

Repeated incidents assisted to be concealed by those involved, including LA and provided advocates.

In my opinion, all those involved in attempting to hide incidents I reported are a disgrace to the care sector.

As for the claimed £250 toward a new PC, The Priory Group refused my written request for them to provide insurance details regarding a claim for damage caused to the PC while in their possession. I paid for parts and repaired it myself. However it remains in Herefordshire Council possession, they refusing to return it by sending it to a chosen solicitor.

The above email communication and the erroneous claims are just one record among a litany of others.