Response from Onside Advocacy

After asking KH for full details of Onside Advocacy’s advocate’s decision, involvement and presence at a meeting to deny my brother of private & family life and of attending our mother’s with me, I received the below letter from Onside Advocacy, on 18th September 2020.

onside advocacy denial of funeral response 15-09-2020


The reply letter is a standard response from this organisation and one I have experienced before. You will note a complete and blatant disregard to address the points of my letter to KH, which can be seen in this post:
Letter to Kate Harvey of Onside Advocacy

To date, no less than three onside advocates provided to my vulnerable autistic brother have been party to the neglect and institutional abuse.

The first advocate BS ignored addressing many concerns and made false claims regarding my brother’s weight. The advocate claimed weight loss, when, in fact, my brother had increased in weight substantially, putting on over 5 stones, which I noted affected mobility and health.
When I raised a complaint about this advocate, I was visited by the chair of trustees RA, who offered a feigned apology.
I later discovered the trustee had been a senior police officer who had resigned due to an IPCC investigation; guilty of sexually harassing a female colleague and breaching the force’s code of conduct on four separate occasions.

The second advocate LE, who I met along with my solicitor, at a best interest meeting in 2017, was a person I place trust in to represent my brother without bias or prejudice. Sadly, I later discovered, in 2019, my trust was misplaced after the advocate lied to a BBC reporter who contacted them about their participation and what they said during the meeting.

As for the third advocate TC, they assisted in concealing concerns and incidents that occurred with my brother. TC a party who was, in my opinion, clearly content with destroying our family and private life, and all that I had helped my brother develop over the years.