Recording of Bogus Best Interest Meeting 2017

The below is part of a recording (9 minutes 5 seconds, names censored) from a meeting with Herefordshire Council social worker SB and onside advocacy advocates LE in July 2017. I also include my solicitor’s, at the time, notes and my draft of meeting notes that Herefordshire Council omitted from their record version.

The original was shared with a BBC reporter who later told me I was a creditable witness and the advocate had claimed differently to the reporter regarding them stating they were ‘stunned & horrified’.

You will also hear the worrying statement of missing doctors letter, people above screwing up and the disturbing statement ‘don’t document that’. Not long after this meeting Herefordshire Council blocked all communication and imposed their unreasonable behaviour policy, claiming I was threatening and intimidating, disregarding my request to evidence such.


I share this recording due to threats received from Herefordshire Council and to provide some proof that in all the years I have been battling for my now deceased mother, and adopted brother who is lost to The Priory Group and Herefordshire Council, I have not been untruthful or dishonest as Herefordshire Council CEO recently claims, yet they have.

I had complete trust in the ‘professionals’ at this meeting. However, I was misled into believing the meeting’s commitments were genuine when the meeting was no more than a sham.
Subsequently, opportunities were ignored to move my brother to a suitable placement closer to his home and family, while concerns and incidents continued; my brother left in Priory Group ‘care’ against his mother and my wishes, while wheels were in motion to conceal what occurred. Why, merely for convenience, performance records or commercial interests?

Below are my solicitor’s, for this meeting, notes and my draft additional notes which are missing from the council record.

Atten note. SolicirtorNR_Redacted


Notes for draft copy of minutes for July 2017_Redacted