Responses During 2019 from Organisations

Response to letters & requests during 2019 from some party to concealing neglect & ill-treatment of my brother.
Example of the reality of dealing with individuals & organisations in the ‘care’ sector who seek to avoid accountability & responsibility.

Trevor Torrington – CEO Priory Group – Ignored
David Watts – Director of Risk & Safety Priory Group – Ignored (Previously made many fallacious claims and blocked communications)

Rebekah Cresswell – Manager Priory Group- Ignored

Alistair Neill – CEO Herefordshire Council – Ignored (Has never responded to my letters nor request to meet and discuss since 2013)
Stephen Vickers – Director of Adults & Wellbeing Herefordshire Council – Ignored (Made false claims and blocked all communication since 2017)
Kate Harvey – Onside Advocacy – spurious response supporting unlawful restrictions by a third advocate (blocked communications in 2016)