Solicitor Letter to Stephen Vickers Regarding My Request to Meet

A bit of a long post, but necessary.

Below is a little proof that I offered to meet Stephen Vickers Director of Adults & Wellbeing of Herefordshire Council, in 2018, on neutral ground with a solicitor to discuss long-running and recurring concerns & incidents of neglect & ill-treatment of my vulnerable brother; such taking considerable time and money to do, particularly being an unpaid carer whose short breaks were removed without notice or given reason.
We never met, but what I was not aware of was they used the delays to apply to the Court of Protection, so any meeting would have been under false pretences. SV continued to authorise and support colleagues to create erroneous DoLS, care records, and vexatiously fabricate extremely serious false and damaging accusations to conceal the truth.

SVickers Legal MeetingPWWorcestRedacted


Shortly after SV received the above letter, he extended the unreasonable behaviour policy that was imposed in November 2017, as can be read below. Punishment for challenging and providing evidence of the continuing appalling care and support of my brother by Herefordshire Council & The Priory Group.

S Vickers Hfd Council change of SPOC 01-11-2018Redacted


Regarding SV’s claim of a letter of 6th June 2018, there were two, which were not from him but colleagues. One responding to my complaint regarding accusations I had a mental health issue for undertaking a hunger strike in protest at the extended poor care & support of my vulnerable adopted brother. And SM a senior social worker concerningly recording inaccurate & untruthful DoLS information and sharing my health & care information without consent. This can be viewed in a separate post here.

While the other letter of 6th June 2018 SV refers to, which was sent via a colleague can be seen below



The only letters prior to these that I received from SV or the LA, a letter dated 25th January 2018, from Martin Samuels (former Director of Adults & Wellbeing) signed by SV. And one of 20th February 2018, which can be read below along with my reply.

However, by the time of these letters, while supporting my mother and recovering from physical ill-health, I was reluctant to meet SV without a solicitor present, as further undeniable audio/video was to be presented.
And because the LA had already concealed recurring and continuing neglect of my brother, and repeatedly disregarded our right to private and family life since no less than 2015.

To add insult to injury, the other person I was to meet with SV was JS, a person involved in the previously reported neglect, which was permitted to continue for a further two years.

S Vickers letter of 25-01-2018redacted


Reply to S Vickers letter of 25-01-2018redacted


Letter from S Vickers 20-02-2018redacted


Most concerning in the last letter from SV, the legally responsible nominated individual for adults and wellbeing, is the claim I was in regular contact with the social worker, the individual who was using the title of socialworker before registration, a criminal offence, and who while feigning concern assisted in concealing neglect evidenced in 2017.

I sometimes wonder how many other unpaid carers or family members, who have a relative in care and are an interested party in the health & welfare of that person, have punitive restrictions, monitoring, or blocks placed on communication by their local authority for reporting or evidencing neglect or ill-treatment, and just how many families have been torn apart & destroyed by people like SV and deceitful colleagues.

And while I hold hope that one day everything is exposed in a high court of law and I and my family receive justice. If I stay silent and don’t stand up to the corrupt and deceitful in my local care system, similar will likely happen to others who raise a concern or challenge wrong: and I sadly suspect it already has.