The Loaned Phone Taken From My Brother

Six months ago, on 23rd November 2017, my brother loaned an adapted mobile phone, so he could remain in contact with his frail elderly mother and me, both find standard landline phones difficult at best.
Two days after the phone was given to my brother and set up by his social worker (RC), it was taken from my brother’s room by his carer (AW) without permission, forcibly shut down and never given back to my brother; the same carer who had lied about my brother’s activities.

Several weeks after requesting Herefordshire Council arrange for the phone be returned to me, due to the provider refusing to allow my brother to have it back in his room for his personal use, it has been returned to me.

However, after creating a physical image for further examination, I analysed the phone and recovered concerning deleted video which conflicts with The Priory Group’s written statement of why it was taken from my brother, as does the recent DoLS form 3 record. Recordings can be viewed at this link: November 2017 Recordings Page

I found that four days after the phone was taken from my brother, it was powered up by staff (AW and LP) tampered with and data deleted. This can be verified by the phones cell tower communication and the deleted video I recovered.
My brother’s RPR (TC of nor Herefordshire Council challenged the provider over the confiscation of my brother’s loaned phone.

Having no adapted phone nor his computer, since it was damaged at H House in September 2017, he has been purposefully alienated from his family and we continue to be denied of our right to private and family life.

The destruction of my family by Herefordshire Council continues.