Threatening Letter From Herefordshire Council (update)

Below is a redacted copy of a letter I received late yesterday (23rd March 2017) from JS, a team manager of Herefordshire Council, threatening legal action if I do not remove the blog page which details some of the inadequate care and support provided to my brother.



I provide this information in the interest of the public who may have a vulnerable family member in care, and who have or will experience similar treatment by Herefordshire Council in future. That being where concerns raised about inadequate care and support provided to a vulnerable relative are met with ignorance or neglect and threats, rather than the obligation to address the inadequate care and support provided to the vulnerable person in question, and in their best interests, allowing such to recur and continue.

To date my brother has been denied access to The Court of Protection and representation. He continues to be denied family home visits, due to the wilful ignorance of the care home to respond to my requests.

Unfortunately, my brother did miss celebrating Mother’s Day with our mother and me.

Below are redacted copies of my letters sent today (28th March 2017) in response to JS and Herefordshire Council’s threat.



And my response to Alistair Neill CEO of Herefordshire Council regarding JS’s threatening letter