Continued Wilful Blindness of Requests

Below are email communications between me and PG of H house. You will note that the comments of PG conflict with the tracking information of my sent emails, and previous evidence I have posted.



Exact same email displaying tracking info

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Below is the email I sent on 17th March 2017 with tracking information indicating it was received

In my opinion, wilful blindness is a common practice with some of The Priory Group organisation and H House management, and due to such my brother missed another established and special occasion; denying him of valuable time with his elderly mother on Mother’s Day.

If you have been reading the other information on this site, you will recall the the letter from David Watts (DW) a director of risk and safety at The Priory Group. DW’s letter, which can be read below, severely restricting and interfering with my brother’s right to communicate with his family and allow my brother home when he and his family wish.



You will also note the conflicting information regarding telephone communication.
As a side note, when I have, in the past, requested the official phone call records of specific calls to and from H House to be provided for evidence that they have taken place or not, the provider and H House have denied access to them.