My Mother’s Wishes For My Brother

Shortly after my mother was diagnosed with the onset of dementia, she became worried about what would happen with my vulnerable brother when she was gone.
In part because of the appalling neglect and delay of necessary dental treatment he endured 3 years earlier, which I discovered and challenged to arrange his treatment. And the sudden move of my brother out of the county, which my mother, nor I ever wanted, an adopted brother who I lived with and helped support for almost forty years.

So we created a consent letter regarding her wishes of who should represent my brother concerning health and welfare before her dementia advanced.

The letter attesting wishes was witnessed & signed simultaneously by the observer, and a copy sent to Herefordshire Council, The Priory Group and my brother’s G.P.
Shortly afterwards, Herefordshire Council refused to recognise my mother’s wishes or the recurring neglect and ill-treatment of my brother that I reported.
With support from Onside Advocacy, Herefordshire Council continued creating erroneous records regarding my vulnerable brother’s care and support and issuing vexatious and damaging threats and statements, perniciously destroying our family and contact.

Below is a redacted copy of that letter, from 2016.

Consent form for D on behalf of Mum

Restrictions to Private & Family Life Without Authority

Below is an example of Priory Group & Herefordshire Council restrictive contact for family home visits to our mother & me; after they broke promises at a meeting in September 2016.

Controlling restraints made without application to the Court of Protection; denying us of much private & family life; assisting in destroying my family and institutionalising my brother.

I later discovered the below communication to parties involved in concealing the recurring neglect and ill-treatment of my brother that I had evidenced at the meeting.
It claiming I had a mental health issue because I had registered a complaint against the staff of organisations present at the meeting.

Subsequently, I was required to undergo a mental health assessment, which concluded I had no mental disorder.
However, I would suspect others at the meeting had a psychiatric problem, not least due to their deceit and apparent lack of empathy and compassion.

Additionally, I would add, the social worker’s paranoia regarding the meeting being recorded, and irrational refusal to hold the meeting until my mobile phone was turned off and inspected by the negligent advocate provided to my brother, was of further concern.


Concerning That I Can Evidence Cover-Up

It’s incredibly concerning that I can evidence my LA with help from CQC staff, some who worked for CQC & provider simultaneously, assisted The Priory Group concealed incidents of neglect and ill-treatment of my brother.
I wonder just how many others will find similar?

I hope, one day, those responsible, from directors, managers, social workers & LA solicitor to advocates and ‘carers’ who ignored or helped cover-up are held to account and face justice.

Who Works For Who

Who works for who?

Nicky Cooper – CQC/Priory Group
Julia Morse – CQC
Stephen Coates-Williams – Priory Group

Why was Nicky Cooper directing inquiry when there was a clear conflict of interest?
The ‘Query’ was the neglect of my brother & damage to personal property.

I can prove, amongst a litany of other concerns & incidents, The Priory Group were helped by particular Herefordshire Council and CQC staff to conceal extended and recurring neglect of my brother.

Indications of Psychological Abuse

The Below is a list of some of the signs of psychological abuse.
Although not extensive, these are just ones I have experienced from organisations including Priory Group, Onside Advocacy and local authority.
Identifying these sooner may help you before it is too late.

Monitoring whereabouts
Unilateral decision-making
Lecturing or direct orders
Feigned helplessness
Denying something you know is true
Goading then blaming
Denying their abuse
Accusing you of abuse
Destroying and denying
Trying to come between you and family
Actively working to turn others against you
Indifference or apathy
Shutting down communication


A further 308 Days

Today, 8th January 2021, is 308 days since I last had contact with my vulnerable brother, after an unreasonable struggle to make a few minutes of contact happen while I was in the hospital with our mother.
The Priory Group ignoring a court order, legislation & gov guidance since, even for our mother’s funeral, which due to such I will now never have closure.
All while Herefordshire Council chose to continue their neglect, punitive restriction and long-running form of psychological abuse.

Today is also 22 days since Alistair Neill CEO representing Herefordshire Council informed me of their proposed legal action & costly claim against me for naming four corrupt social workers in my local authority. I have received no official notice yet. Their delay adding to torment.


Responses During 2019 from Organisations

Response to letters & requests during 2019 from some party to concealing neglect & ill-treatment of my brother.
Example of the reality of dealing with individuals & organisations in the ‘care’ sector who seek to avoid accountability & responsibility.

Trevor Torrington – CEO Priory Group – Ignored
David Watts – Director of Risk & Safety Priory Group – Ignored (Previously made many fallacious claims and blocked communications)

Rebekah Cresswell – Manager Priory Group- Ignored

Alistair Neill – CEO Herefordshire Council – Ignored (Has never responded to my letters nor request to meet and discuss since 2013)
Stephen Vickers – Director of Adults & Wellbeing Herefordshire Council – Ignored (Made false claims and blocked all communication since 2017)
Kate Harvey – Onside Advocacy – spurious response supporting unlawful restrictions by a third advocate (blocked communications in 2016)