A Letter to Councillors July 2021

Yesterday, I sent the below letter to Herefordshire Council Councillors.
As you will see, I inform the councillors of the length of time I have waited since the last threat received from Herefordshire Council.
I have also invited councillors to comment on the received letter from 2020 and phone call recording from 2016, which the received letter refers to.

Dear Councillor July 2021_Redacted1


The webpage link within the above letter can also be viewed here:, which contains a recording of my phone conversation with: The Herefordshire Council Solicitor KC – 2016

Regarding honesty and solicitors, the Solicitors Regulatory Authority has an informative webpage (link below), which as you can read says ‘A finding that someone we regulate has acted dishonestly is a serious matter.
SRA Guidance – Acting with Honesty