Vexatious Letter from Martin Samuels

On the 13 November 2017 I received an email from Mr Martin Samuels (Director for Adults and Wellbeing for Herefordshire Council) which had a vexatious and authoritarian letter attached, a redacted copy of the letter is below.

The letter from MS, as you will note, defends negligence and makes the allegation that I have intimidated or threatened staff and former employees via social media. Interestingly I found the staff I believe MS refers to misused their professional positions, making public a statement with intent to intimidate members of the public, and further, a manager involved with my brother’s case who made false claims, posted an unprofessional comment on their own social media profile; I have factual evidence of my claims.

Since recurring concerns of neglect, institutional abuse and severe restriction of my vulnerable brother’s contact with his frail elderly mother and me have been permitted to continue, particularly since September 2016, I note MS communications to me display ignorance of the law, becoming increasingly aggressive toward me in defence of negligence and service failure. It is appearing that MS has intentionally attempted to avoid knowing facts, to evade any liability or knowledge of wrongful acts. In the past two years, MS has not once requested to examine any evidence or contacted me to arrange to meet with a solicitor.

The vexatious and authoritarian letter from MS



As a side note MS emailed me on 22 September 2017 informing me that EG has not worked for Herefordshire Council since March 2017, a redacted copy of MS’s communication to me can be viewed below: Such places question on the authority of MS vexatious and authoritarian policy letter and why my personal data was shared by EG with MS or the local authority after they had left the service.

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In the interest of transparency I provide below the two messages sent to the negligent social worker EG, who was not employed by Herefordshire Council at the time the messages were sent, and which I have show to Herefordshire police and informed Gloucestershire police of the reason for informing the social worker I would seek redress for their negligence.

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I believe it is extraordinary the lengths that some Herefordshire Council staff will go to in ignoring or attempting to cover up negligence, service failure, neglect or institutional abuse. Whether MS chose to ignore the law and to victimise or discriminate against us directly or indirectly, or by association, is not for me to say but one for a court to decide when we are provided with the opportunity.
Disregard of the harm caused to my health that the neglect and institutional abuse of my vulnerable brother during the past two years, or that of my brother’s health and wellbeing, appears to be of no regard for MS and some Herefordshire Council staff. In my forty odd years experience of social care, I do not recall such inadequacies and wilful ignorance.

I believe any reasonable person would consider if concerns of neglect, institutional abuse and deficient social care had been alleviated, why have I had to pursue them when they have been allowed to recur time and time again over the past two years, why was the negligence of the social worker EG consciously ignored by MS and Herefordshire Council, and why do I continue to identify, photograph and record inadequate care and support of my vulnerable brother?

MS along with specific Herefordshire Council staff and Priory Group management has facilitated the destruction of a family in the interest of the provider, ignoring their duty of care and the statutory rights of my brother and family.