The CQC The Priory Group & The Damaged Desktop PC

What you will see in the below shortened CCTV footage is the door in the background open, and my brother enters, for a rare family home visit during 2017, followed by a Priory Group carer carrying the desktop PC I build and set up for my brother’s particular needs and use.
Around the 7 seconds mark, you will see the Priory Group carer lower and place the PC on the floor, at this point you can see the front (top) of the PC is obviously broken and falls off, as the carer adjusts it then walks into the house, uninvited.

Approx two minutes later the carer leaves the house, followed by me, and then they exit the property.
You can see I pick up the PC and proceed to take it indoors. As I near the door into our home, I look at the PC, noting something is wrong with it.


The below communication between The Priory Group and CQC includes what the CQC state I told them, and is only partly correct.

I didn’t ask the carer about the damage to the PC until they arrived later that day, to pick up my brother. I also asked where the graphics card had gone and why a part (blanking plate) from the front was missing.
I recall the carer claimed not to know of the damage to the PC he was carrying, although evident in the footage he was conscious it was broken when he puts it on the floor.

23 20170925 1010 Provider email CQC IAT 2021 0239 REDACTED DISCLOSE - Copy_Redacted


The Priory Group later refused to provide insurance details for a claim of damages against them. To date, I am still attempting to get the PC and equipment returned along with a declared detailed police report.

As a side note, I understand NC was working for The Priory Group while also working for the CQC as a specialist inspector.

Priory Group Director of Compliance 2013 – Sep 2016
CQC Mental health act commissioner Apr 2010 – Oct 2016
Craegmoor Healthcare (Priory Group) Director of Quality Sep 2016 – Mar 2017
Quality Director Priory Adult Care Mar 2017 –


Another Birthday Celebration Denied

Yet again, The Priory Group denied my brother of contact for a Birthday celebration, on this occasion mine. No attempt was made to contact me, nor support provided by Herefordshire Council.
I have no doubt spurious records will be created, as they always are by Priory and LA; such as claimed logs for a Skype call by Priory Group.
Which incidentally an example of can be seen below.

A claimed call that took place on 24th March 2020. Which when I examined the original images are in reality almost five-year-old photos of screenshots from a Skype account that was not my brother nor to our mother’s (the agreed account to be used when my brother moved to H House in 2011 and later agreed in 2018 during a meeting with solicitors). Without giving away detail, there are other obvious discrepancies with the images themselves that a forensics expert would identify, and could dispute Priory Group claims without doubt.




Why Did The CQC Accept The Lies of The Priory Group

Why did the Priory Group lie, and why did the CQC, who have an obligation to the vulnerable, accept the Priory Groups lies without question, leaving my vulnerable brother in pain & discomfort for many months?

The email of interest.

Below is the picture of the declared ‘small amount of debris under one nail’ and other incidents reported, and other photos including the long-running nail infection which was ignored by The Priory Group, LA and provided advocate.

These are adequate care?

Regarding the claimed £250, The Priory Group refused to provide insurance details to me for a claim for damages they caused to the computer specifically set up for my brother’s use.


CQC logs

Below is the CQC log from 2015 onward of contact regarding my brother. From my records at least 43 other records exist.

Negligence or assistance in helping the Priory Group & LA cover-up of neglect & ill-treatment of my brother over an extended time?

Complicity & commercial interests really do take priority over people for the CQC.



Piecing The Lies Together

Below is communication between a Priory Group employee SCW and a CQC inspector who I met with, JM.

The claims in the email conflicts with facts and my repeated reports of incidents of neglect of my brother’s hygiene and nail care, as can be seen in photos below; he unable to do such adequately himself.

The photos at the bottom of this post, are just a few from various dates and times under Priory Group ‘care’ taken when my brother was allowed to visit his family home, where he lived for almost four decades, and are not from just one year.

CQC 25 20170927 DISCLOSE_Redacted


SCW claims ‘A very small amount of debris’?
I categorically state such is an utter lie.

Repeated incidents assisted to be concealed by those involved, including LA and provided advocates.

In my opinion, all those involved in attempting to hide incidents I reported are a disgrace to the care sector.

As for the claimed £250 toward a new PC, The Priory Group refused my written request for them to provide insurance details regarding a claim for damage caused to the PC while in their possession. I paid for parts and repaired it myself. However it remains in Herefordshire Council possession, they refusing to return it by sending it to a chosen solicitor.

The above email communication and the erroneous claims are just one record among a litany of others.